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During my 1 year off from work, I intend to climb various peaks all over the world as training preparation for my Mt Everest expedition 2012. As an expedition sponsor, you can have exclusive naming rights to the particular expedition you choose to sponsor. (Note that the prices quoted below are directly from various reputable websites. The prices are quoted as for 2011 expeditions and may be subject to change for 2012 expeditions. Prices quoted only include land costs and does not include round trip air fair and other incurred costs. International Mountain Guides, has been the only climbing company that has been selected by Singapore Climbers on their ascent up Mt Everest thus far since Singapore’s 1st successful climb in 1998)


July 2011 – Mustagh Ata (7546m), Xin Jiang, China
Mustagh Ata is part of the Pamir Mountain Range and is located in the far west remote region of China’s Xinjiang province where ice meets with the desert. This climb is an excellent stepping stone for those who inspire to climb an 8000 meter peak.

Price: USD $7875 (

Aug 2011 – Cho Oyu (8201m), Tibet, China
At 8201 meters, Cho Oyu is the sixth highestmountain in the world. It is located on the border of Tibet (China) and Nepal about 20 km to the west of Mount Everest. It is usually climbedas a preparation for Everest during the nextseason by climbers.

Price: USD $21,750 (with personal sherpa) (

Nov 2011 – Ama Dablam (6858m), Khumbu, Nepal
Ama Dablam 6858 meters is one of the most spectacular mountains in the world and a true alpinist’s dream. Climbers consider Ama Dablam technically more difficult than Mt Everest herself. No Singaporean has climbed this mountain before and it’ll be a 1st for Singapore if my attempt is successful.

Price: USD $9250 (

Dec 2011 – Aconcagua (6962m), Andes, Argentina
Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Western hemisphere and the highest mountain of South America, located in western Argentina, near the Chile border.

Price: USD $4100 (

April 2012 – Everest (8850m), Khumbu, Nepal
Everest is also called “Chomolungma” by Tibetans, meaning “Mother Goddess of the Earth”and “Sagarmatha” by Sherpa people meaning “Goddess of the Sky”. Everest is the dream mountain of all climbers and is the ultimate test of human physical and mental boundaries. At 8850m it is the highest point on earth.

Price: USD $55,000 (


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