Sponsoring an Everest Expedition will provide your organization with multiple marketing opportunities, enabling exceptional branding exposure through a network of media contacts. Potential PR and media coverage throughout will be explored (all mediums will be approached; TV, Radio, Press and Internet)

  • The Name – Everest conjures up strong word and image association such as ‘highest, valor, endeavor, determination, team, risk, danger, safety, etc. Your product or service can be associated with these images.
  • Image – Your company can benefit from brand and product placement on equipment and clothing. This can provide advertising opportunities for your organization, through logo and company name placement in promotional material and equipment – before, during, and after the expeditions
  • Product Endorsement – The expedition can provide a perfect environment for testing of equipment, clothing and technology and endorsement opportunities.
  • Website – I will be setting up a website/blog that charts my progress in fund raising and climb preparations and the climb itself. This will receive attention from media and the general public. Your company logo will definitely be proudly featured on the websites.
  • Employer Motivation – Participative sponsorship by involving employees, who become stakeholders in the attempt. This enhances a sense of team membership and improves satisfaction amongst employees. This also raises your corporate profile and motivates your employees by supporting an attractive sport activity.
  • Team-building Activities – As a mountaineer/rock climber, I will help organize team-building activities for your organization if requested. Mountaineering is team sport, and requires leadership skills and determination to succeed.
  • Talks – I will be glad to give talks to the community and organizations to share my experiences as well as the personal lessons I have gained. This can be in the form of Inspirational, Motivational and/or Expedition talks.
  • Ideals – Ensure recognition of your organization as a believer in the power of human potential
  • Lifestyle – As a doctor and an avid climber, I will provide significant exposure to an audience interested in the fields of exploration, adventure, and physical challenge and healthy lifestyles which will be beneficial to your employees.
  • A Noble Cause – Opportunity to be involved with a charitable cause.
  • Gratitude in Media interview – Sponsors will gladly and most willingly be identified during any media interviews.
  • Publications for your Organisation – In whichever format and needs you have, I will pen personal entries about the ordeals faced during the climb as well as my progress. These can be used for publication on your organization’s website as well as newsletter publications, to showcase qualities and endeavours your organization identifies with.
  • Further assistance – I will be glad to assist in any publicity events your organization requires help in, and will inform you of the latest developments in my training. If there is an opportunity to pay back or help out in your organization in any other way within my present or future capacity, I will definitely do so.

I hope your organization will identify with our qualities and values and consider sponsoring me. I’m sure you will agree that this form of sponsorship carries great meaning in the supporting of youth and the ideals of adventure, active lifestyle and a sporting spirit. It is something that a sponsor can feel proud of and know that you have contributed to making history. Dollar for dollar, our efforts will also reap many times more the direct and intangible returns that a conventional advertisement cannot give.


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