Aconcagua, Ojos & San Fransisco Videos

Aconcagua 1 – Mules racing towards Casa de Piedra

Combined motivation from the Gauchos (Argentinian cowboys) as well as their own instinct that food and rest is near, compelling the mules to race towards the camp

Acongagua 2 – Hiking up the Beautiful Vacas Valley

Hiking up from Casa de Piedra (3200m) to Plaza Argentina (4200m) which is the base camp of Aconcagua on the Vacas valley side on day 3 of our expedition

Acongagua 3 – Extremely strong winds at Camp 1

It was as though the ground was shifting from the strong winds tearing off the snow from the ground. Tents got blown away and some others got destroyed forcing some teams to end their expedition pre maturely.

Acongagua 4 – Hike up to Camp 2

The porters with their immense loads battling the slope as well as the winds climbing to camp 2.

Acongagua 5 – Hiking towards camp 3

I tried to hide my exhaustion in this video as we were reaching camp 3. Consistent gentle slopes all the way up but somehow I was not performing on this day.

Acongagua 6 – Setting up tents in the wind on Camp 3

All 8 of us set up each of the tents together as it would be faster than splitting up into teams of 2 to do the task in the extreme weather

Acongagua 7 – Summit of Aconcagua (6962m) with a white out

13th Jan 2012 was our summit day and unfortunately, it was a blizzard when we approached the summit. The absolutely exhausted faces of our team members after a gruelling 9.5h climb from camp 3 to the summit

Acongagua 8 – After thoughts while descending the Horcunas Valley

Brief after thoughts from our team while descending from C2 to C1 on the Horcunas Valley

Acongagua 9 – Minor ‘field’ Surgery of Trephination

One of our team mates suffered subuncal haematoma and I had to perform ‘field’ surgery on him. Trephination of the toe nails to release the pressure from the building up of blood under the nails. With limited resources, I had to heat the knife with a lighter flame and use hand sanitizer has a sterilisation tool. Warning! Graphic in nature! He is all and well now with no complications from the procedure.

Acongagua / Ojos 10 – The massive ice Penitentes

The glaciers which melt in a peculiar pattern which produce these needle like ice structures called Penitentes which is exclusively seen at this latitude and altitude. Explanation of formation included in the video.

Acongagua / San Fransisco 11 – The summit of Mt San Fransisco (6018m)

The 1st Singaporean ascent of Mt San Fransisco. This marked the end of our Latino Trilogy and finally we could head back home!! The mighty Mt Inca Huasi in the background.


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