About the Climb

“Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top; it is the willpower that is the most important. This willpower you cannot buy with money or be given by others…. it rises from your heart”

Junko Tabei from Japan -1975 after becoming the first woman to climb Everest

The Dream
Climbing Everest 2012 is about daring to dream and acting on it. No matter who you are, at what point in your life, weak, poor or afraid; Everest is our highest mountain and the climb has an ever-lasting, profound impact and brings about a whole new vision on life. Everest is a graceful, gentle mountain, even though it occasionally keeps some climbers forever. In return, Everest offers the lucky rest a tremendous insight in themselves and the human kind; as climbers are tried in brutally exposing situations. Everest also reveals the true soul of nature, in all its beauty, temper and might.Finally, Everest shows us the grace of great dreams, fears overcome and, sometimes, triumph following the most desperate of outlooks. This lesson is perhaps Everest’s most powerful gift to all of us.

I’m Kumaran Rasappan and I’m a medical doctor in Tan Tock Seng Hospital and I hope to achieve a dream of mine. I had a dream which started as a kid over a decade back when I was with my secondary school doing a community service trip in Nepal and hiking through the Annapurna mountain range. I was looking up at the majestic mountains above the snow line and wondering to myself what it would be like getting up there onto one of those mighty peaks. Over a decade has passed and this dream of mine has still burnt bright. This dream is going to take me back to Nepal again some 13 years later. I intend to climb Mt Everest in the spring of 2012.

In Singapore’s conservative and highly structured society, I will be daring to be different! I will be venturing onto the path less travelled by taking a year off from my work from June 2011 – June 2012 and climbing various peaks all over the world in preparation and training for my Everest Expedition in 2012.


The Climb
The climb of Mount Everest is at least a sixty-day journey. It takes a tremendous logistical effort to climb Mount Everest, which includes (among many other items):

  • A climbing permit from the Government of Nepal
  • Park fees and liaison officers
  • Sherpas and porters to carry loads to Base Camp and as guides for the climb
  • Technical climbing equipment, including ropes, tents, etc.
  • Bottled oxygen above 8,000 meters
  • Food & Communications equipment
  • Medical equipment, doctor charges and helicopter rescue fees

Because of the high cost, I am seeking sponsors and supporters to help in my expedition to achieve its goals. Corporations may agree to sponsor the climb in exchange for advertising their products and for live presentations and slide shows following the expedition as detailed in the ‘sponsorship’ section of the website.


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