Summit Push

22 Jul

The Summit weather window seems to be playing around with us. It was initially on the 27th. Then the 28th looked good as well but now it seems that the 26th is looking best. This information keeps getting updated and changing. K2 is all about the weather. If u can get the weather right, it’ll be a successful season. However, the weather currently isn’t looking so good or that it’s going to be that predictable. We’re setting our expected summit date as the 27th and heading off to C1 on the 23rd. I’m not taking chances with the condition of my body and I’ll be heading off to ABC on the 22nd. Plans are fluid and can change anytime. So this is it – The summit push. We’ll know the outcome of the last 1.5 months on the mountain in the next 1 week. I’m happy to have come this far in the first place. Anything more than this is a bonus for me.

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One response to “Summit Push

  1. Ho Quan Yao

    July 22, 2017 at 10:25 am

    Stay safe bro


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