Some pictures from the weeks towards base camp

07 Jul

The map of this crazy terrain. From Askole to K2 base camp

Sorting out all the loads to be given out equally to the porters in Askole. It is always a mess before heading off for the expedition

The mighty western slope of G4 which dominates the foreground throughout the trek from Urdukas all the way to concordia

The first view of the majestic and mighty K2 as we turned off the baltoro glacier onto the godwin austin glacier. The jaw dropping scenery was just too spectacular.

The 3 peaks of broad peak as viewed from K2 base camp. K2 base camp sandwiches us between the 2nd highest and 12th highest mountains in the world

Our poor pet goat that had crossed the entire baltoro with our team only to be slaughtered for dinner in the coming days. It is a sad thought that this fellow probably wouldn’t be around by the time this post gets published. Also a mention to the crazy idea of wrapping the goat’s tethering rope around its horns when its not in use.

Kami from Pangboche and me during the Puja ceremony at base camp. Kami shall be my personal sherpa for the rest of the expedition. At the age of 53, he’s the oldest and most experienced of all the sherpas. This will be his 5th visit to K2.

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One response to “Some pictures from the weeks towards base camp

  1. Tan Eddie

    July 10, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    Hi Kumaran, glad to hear of your nice preparation for the climb.

    The gryphons are holding a reunion dinner this fri 14 jul at 7 pm at Lan Ting cuisine restaurant. We collected $100 out of which $40 goes towards supporting your climb. We have 26 pax so far. By account, our financial support is more of symbolic than the real financial support you need. Hope you understand cos our economy is not doing well either.

    Let me know if you have some words to share with us. I can convey to the gryphons. Kia Meng would also be saying a few words about your climb.

    Have a safe climb and safety is paramount. Enjoy your climb too.

    Be Prepared Auspicium Meliories Aevi Eddie Tan 2101 gryphon

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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