New Maps/ Videos/ Pictures and Descriptions from the Latino Trilogy

16 Feb

Hi Guys, I have just uploaded pictures and videos of my most recent trip to Argentina and Chilie. You can access them via “Gallery of current climbs” and under the respective heading of pictures and videos. Alternatively, you can check them out at the following:

Pictures from the Latino Trilogy

Videos from the Latino Trilogy

I also did up some maps so that it is easier for everyone to follow where I had been. Instead of just reading text on where I had travelled to and how long each journey took, view the maps. The numbers labelled beside each line of travel (marked in red for vehicular journey and yellow for journey on foot) corresponds to the text below.

Please feel free to view the enlarged map of Aconcagua/ Ojos/ San Fransisco as well as the 3D google earth image of the route we took on Acon.

World Map

1) Departed Singapore Changi Terminal 2 at 2120h on 31st Dec 2011
2) 3H transit in Kuala Lumpur
3) 11H 30min flight to Cape Town
4) 1H 30 min transit at Cape Town
5) 8H 50min flight to Buenos Aires
6) Landed in Buenos Aires at 1300H local time. 1H 30min bus ride from International airport to domestic airport
7) Depart at 1720H to Mendoza. 1H 30min flight to Mendoza
8) 30min bus ride to hotel in Mendoza. Reach NH Cordileria hotel at 2000H 1st Jan 2012

12) 1H 30min flight back to Buenos Aires from Mendoza on the 18th Jan at 0630H
13) 3H transit at Buenos Aires domestic airport
14) 1H 30 min flight to Catamarca

Mendoza to Aconcagua map

9) 4 h bus journey to Puente Del Inca (2725m) on 2nd Jan 2012
10) 30min bus ride to Punta de Vacas (entrance of the Vacas valley) on 3rd Jan
11) From the entrance of the Horcunas Valley back to Mendoza on 15th Jan

Catamarca to Chile map

15) 30min taxi ride from Catamarca airport to Catamarca city
16) 6H bus ride from Catamarca to Fiambala. Reached Fiambala on 18th Jan at 2330H
17) 2H car ride to La Gruta (the Argentinian border hut) on the 19th and then another 3H to the Chilean border post 100km from the actual Chilean border on the 20th
18) 3H from the Chilean border post after stamping our passports to the base camp of Ojos

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