Post Ama Dablam, Back at Home

08 Dec
It has been 2 weeks since I landed in Singapore from our successful expedition to AD but I’m still reminiscing the sweet moments of our climb. It was one heck of an experience that I’ll never forget. Some great stories to tell the grandchildren in the many years to come.

I finally managed to upload all my photos and videos of the AD climb. Took some time compiling everything and adding captions to all the photos, but I’m glad to say that they’re out! Below are some selected photos that made an impression on me.

The day after coming back to Singapore, I was hitting the tracks running 21km. I ran every other day hitting a max of 30km 4 days before running the full standard chartered marathon on the 4th of Dec. Me and my brilliant idea for signing up. Had major abrasions on both my feet (due to my new shoes), between my inner thighs and under my arm. Maybe the dry cold air on the mountains had changed the composition of my skin. I never used to get this kind of bad abrasions while I was at home training.

My diarrhoea persisted even after I came back home. I tried another course of a different antibiotic, Metronidazole (used for parasitic infections) and it seemed to have cleared up a little. But it seems to be coming back again. I really don’t know what bugs are inside me! If this is going to continue for another week, I’m going to the AnE to send in a stool sample to see what the heck is wrong.

After I recover from all my blisters, I should start training full time again till the end of the month. I will be flying off to Argentina on the 31st of Dec for Aconcagua, Ojos del Salado and Piesses (the 1st, 2nd and ?3rd highest mountain in south America). Will update the blog now and then throughout Dec. Wishing you a Merry Xmas to all those reading this.

The blisters that developed on the tips of my fingers after 2 weeks of no sensation after the climb due to the extreme cold. Luckily I can feel now.

Final farewell to AD from BC after the climb

Top of the world!! Not the summit. Just enroute to C3. There were so many secitons like this. Verticle drop off's on either side.

The photo that inspired me to climb! C2! Proudly taken by myself this time!!!

The Singapore flag standing proud on the summit!

The complicated combination of ropes all along the way. Which one should i choose? Inny Minny MiniMo.. and there your life shall suspend or cease upon your choice.

Just after the yellow tower and just before camp2. Up and down we go all the way.

The 1st successful Singaporean team to reach the summit of AD. Photo taken on C3.

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