Going back home

22 Nov

We were awakened the morning following our arrival in lukla by the sweet sound of airplanes and chopper engines whirling away. The weather was good but there was so much of back log of Trekkers from the 6 days of 0 flights that we still had to wait 3 nights in lukla for the bulk of the people to leave the town. There were tones of planes carrying passengers out of lukla. Some of them had been stuck there for more than a week. We had to wait for our turn to fly off and that took us 3 days. None the less, we were so glad that we didn’t have to do the 4 day walk to Jiri bazaar. 2 days of a quick but much needed R&R in KTM and we were off. I’m writing from Bangkok airport while killing time on my 13h transit till my connecting flight back home. Couldn’t get quicker connecting tickets during this peak trekking season. Below is something I wrote during my trek into Ama Dablam base camp. I had no chance to post it then since there wasn’t any proper data reception and since i don’t feel like leaving this excerpt out, I’ll post it now anyway.

“I’ve been so engrossed in climbing peaks for so long that I forgot what started it all of in me. Trekking! As I was retracing my steps through the khumbu valley, I forgot the beauty and the majestic sights that I saw 2 years ago as i did this same trek. I think I’ve been too caught up with peak climbing that I forgot the simplicity and the peace that surrounds one when he views the mountains from down below and not the world from up above. I got the 1st glimpse of everest while walking from namche to pangboche. Even through I’ve seen everest numerous times; from the Nepalese side, the tibetian side and even from the air, there was still this spell bounded awe that surrounded me when I saw her. It was as if I saw her for the 1st time in my whole life. The jet stream winds were blasting away at the summit and you could see the ice and snow being swept many miles away. That was beautiful. Seeing a mountain and admiring it from below has definitely a different feel than seeing it and knowing that your very presence there is to climb to the top. I like the feel of just admiring alone. Maybe after this project is over, I’ll get more into trekking and maybe climb smaller peaks. Just a thought.

… Along the way, we saw the magnificent Ama Dablam herself nestled between the hills. It was so pretty.  As i said, the feel that I got looking at AD was different from everest as I knew in my head that I was going to climb it. But none then the less, the most beautiful peak I’ve seen.”

After having climbed AD, I wanted to look at her and see if my perspective would have changed once again. While climbing AD, one gets to see the mountain from all angles which is very different from the view that you get from base camp and during the walk into the khumbu region. You can only see the whole mountain with the smaller peak ampu lapsa by AD’s side from BC and below. Unfortunately, clouds shrouded the mountain during our return and the weather never cleared up till we reached lukla. I never had a chance to glance upon the mountain after summiting it. Wonder what would have gone through my mind if I had. Never the less, a wonderful mountain, a wonderful climb with wonderful company. Perfect! Will upload the awesome photos and videos which tell a thousand more exciting words shortly once I reach back home.

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