Poor reception

12 Nov

Kumaran is experiencing poor reception at Ama Dablam. This is what he has managed to get across..
“Everyone said there was good reception at Ama Dablam base camp but only when I have reached here do I realise that I’ve to climb 5 minutes to the top of a hill to just get 1 bar of reception to send messages and make short interrupted calls back home.
Communication has been even more difficult than in Cho Oyu due to the lack of anticipation. We have finished out first rotation to camp 1 and even that has been slightly technical- sleeping on a barely adequate level ground on a steep icy scree slope at 5700m.
I have been having stomach aches, fever, lost of appetite and relentless diarrhoea for the last 5 days. Its been miserable and zapping all the strength out of me. Running to the toilet at base camp is not an easy task.
Hopefully I’ll be able to recover and start strong for the summit push. There have been many teams summitting and this has been sort of a confidence booster for us so far.”

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