On the everest hike at the khumbu region

29 Oct

I always wish that i would miraculously bump into someone i know when Traveling alone each time for my different trips all around the world. What are the chances of that happening? It’s not as if I know millions of ppl. Coincidentally that miracle did occur this time round. I was quite sad to part from all the deepavali celebrations with my family. I flew off on the evening of deepavali and had a 12 hour transit time before I got my connecting flight to Kathmandu. After an uncomfortable night, I got into the waiting area for my ktm flight and there was my good friend and his newly married wife on their way for their honeymoon in ktm as well! What are the chances of that happening? I was extremely elated to see him and had dinner with them that night. I felt like a total lamp post. I wanted to excuse myself as early as possible to aid them in their plans for the night but they politely chatted with me way after we were done with our meal.

I’m at namche bazaar, the Sherpa capital in the khumbu region at an altitude of 3440m. Amazingly the hike up was done in half the time I remember from my last trip in 2009 with the NUS Mir island peak expedition. I was less breathless and walking faster with a heavier load. Previous acclimatization in Cho Oyu sure does wonders. I’m trying to catch up with the primary team who’re already in Ama Dablam base camp. I arrived later in ktm as i wanted to spend some time with family during deepavali. I’m not going to spend an extra night in namche (like the usual itenenry) and instead try to proceed straight to AD base camp tomorrow if everyone feels well. I sure hope that I don’t get AMS ascending so fast.

A descending team which summited AD said the weather was great and all the fixed lines had already been laid up. So that’s good news. But theres still a hundred and one things that can go wrong and be a hinderance from our team summiting. I really pray that for the 1st time, everything falls into place and that I would be able to summit at least one of the elusive peaks that I have chosen for my training climbs and not be stuck at camp 2 like all my previous climbs.

Ama Dablam is considered to be one of the most beautiful peaks in the world and extremely technical. Of all the mountains, only Ama Dablam and Everest have been my top picks. I dreamt of climbing AD one day at this very place 2 years ago. During the MIR island peak expedition, we had tea at a bakery in namche bazaar and I saw this poster of camp 2 of AD on the wall. (picture of camp 2 I couldn’t believe that ppl actually pitched camps on that steep section. That was a mountain, that was a climb, that would definitely be the most challenging pitch ever. I wanted to do it one day and here I am today. It has been a magical journey thus far. I hope the magic lasts till we return!

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