Finally at advanced base camp

05 Sep

After 12 days since my arrival in Kathmandu, i’ve finally arrived in

advance base camp (ABC) of Mt Cho Oyu at a height of 5500m (which is

higher than most of the high camps on other mountains i’ve been to).


I’ve finally been able to get internet connection via satellite at a

cost of USD 40 for 4 megabytes of data to be sent and received. Its a

hefty sum but thats the only way i can stay in touch with the outside



It has been an interesting journey so far. We have been making our way

through tibet slowly to acclimatise. The altitude is getting to me.

Even the simplest of tasks like taking a dump or getting to the mess

tent for dinner makes me breathless. But i’m healthy and doing well

otherwise. The views have been great coming up to ABC. From here, we

can see the summit of the massive Mt Cho Oyu. The sherpa team is

excellent and super experienced. The least experienced of the shepas

has summited Everest 3x and Cho Oyu 2x. The most experienced sherpa is

54 and has summited everest 14x. This itself is a super confidence

booster for me.


We will be making our acclimatisation hikes almost everyday with rest

days in between. The puja ceremony, for the gods to grant us safe

passage through the mountain will be conducted on the 4th of sept. We

will be making our 1st acclimatisation cycle to camp 1 at 6400m on 6th

sept and hopefully spending a night there.


Will update once i return from my 1st acclimatisation cycle to camp1

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