Off to Cho Oyu

19 Aug

Looks like the short 8 days I was in Singapore was not enough for me to update my blog with pictures and videos. Those who’re following only my blog, do check out some of the videos and photos from Mustagh Ata i posted on my facebook site ( Off to Cho Oyu till the 1st week of Oct! Leaving for the 6th highest mountain in the world sure does seem sureal but these 8 days have been such a rush that it hasn’t sunk in yet… All alone; meeting new ppl; climbing with the world’s best and being away from family and home for 6 weeks of intense suffering sure does seem intimidating.

My Crampons and Millet boots didn’t arrive on time from USA as promised previously by SingPost. Very poor service from Vpost and the customer service operators just don’t seem to get it when i keep repeating that i’ve a plane to catch and that i have to receive the contents of the package before flying off…. Looks like i’ve to climb the mountain bare foot and substitute crampons with my teeth. What will i do… Lets see how the journey unfolds…

Off to Cho Oyu, Tibet!! No facebook allowed in China, so most updates should be over in this blog i guess. I will upload all the mustagh and Cho Oyu photos and videos once i’ve returned!! Hopefully the weather holds out for this mountain.

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One response to “Off to Cho Oyu

  1. Andrew

    August 20, 2011 at 11:26 am

    All the best, bro =)


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