Altitude record of 6400m

28 Jul

6400m, halfway between camp 2 and 3 was when the weather took the turn for the worse. Winds were blowing at 80km/h and temperature of -20 degrees celcius. The heavy snowfall and ice on the ground were getting blown right onto us. Snow was knee deep and trails were getting wiped away as fast as they were getting formed. I couldn’t feel all my fingers and toes. The thought of the Belgians who got lost in the white out and had 7 fingers amputated due to frost bite came across my mind. We didn’t want to risk it. Turning back with all our digits intact was the best option. The weather was bad from that day on. We couldn’t attempt the mountain again. But 6400m was the new altitude record for me and I’m sure that I’ll be a lot more acclimatised for my next expedition to Cho Oyu,

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